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African dwarf frogs #1

New member here. This post is in regards to African dwarf frogs, which i can see there is another recent post about here. Although my post is quite long I only need short answers.

I wanted to get my first fish tank and came across african dwarf frogs which peaked my interest. Ive done my research online but saw this expert forum and was after advice.

1:Everywhere seems to say go 5 gallon/25 litre tank, 2 gallons per frog, and height max 18". However this site says min 50 litres @ caresheet. How come? is 25 litres very bad? I'm after a small tank that fits on a desk.

2: Is it ok to get one frog or would 2 be more humane/enjoyable for the pet?

3: I wouldn't mind a few fish, i believe tetra are the ones to get. Is there a specific species of tetra that isn't too small to be eaten by hungry frog and not to big to affect the frogs lifestyle/eating? e.g. 1 frog 3 tetra @ 25l tank? Im happy to not get any fish, but would be nice to have more than one creature moving about. Any suggestions on other creatures?

4. Any advice on a good tank <?70 (there's some offers online at the moment), a compatible heater, custom lighting and a good filter that's safe?

Thankyou for reading and hope to be a bigger part of this community.