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Concrete Collar for preformed pond #1
Hi, looking for a bit of advise on an Atlantis Oxford pond (2500ltr). We want to put paving slabs around the edge to cover the fibreglass and I wondered if I would be better casting a concrete collar around the edge just under the lip, once the pond has settled. It went in over the weekend and I plan on giving it at least two weeks before continuing. Might stop raining too by then.

My question is, would a 3-inch deep collar be enough and what mix would you use? How about extra strengthening?

I'm also thinking of using grip strips folded over the edge to the be able to cement the slabs in place.

There will also be a waterfall, so I need to cast a slab for that. Any advice on that would be great. We have clay soil, which is fun!

Massive thanks in advance.