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Red Sea supplements #1
I recently used a Red Sea supplement to control my high nitrate levels and was suitably impressed enough to invest in The Foundation Complete ABC , Coral colours A B C & D , and Red Sea Energy A & B. The Energy is a straight forward daily supplement, but the others rely on each other and a daily monitoring of Calcium uptake. As I do 1 20% water change each week generally, and the salted water I introduce has supplements already, it's unlikely my calcium levels will fluctuate too much.
I'm wondering I've wasted ?50+ here or whether it would do any harm to put a nominal amount of the Foundation Complete + 1 or 2 ml of each of the coral colours supplements in weekly when I do the water change.

I am running a 220lt tank, I don't have a great deal of coral at the moment , wanted to get this right before introducing any more.

Any advice?