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  • Posted on: 17/3/2015 15:49
Cycling test results #1

Really confused, my tank has been cycling for about 2 months now. I have been testing the water regularly and saw the ammonia levels rise and slowly drop but I have seen no nitrite levels at all. I tested this morning and my nitrates are about 20 ppm. I'm confused.

Any help would be great!
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Re: Cycling test results #2

What method of cycling have you been using - have you been doing a fish-in or fish-less cycle, and, if fish-less, have you been dosing the tank with fish food or with ammonia? Some more details on how you've been doing this, and how often you've been dosing, and associated readings, might be helpful for us (eg it may be that enough ammonia hasn't been generated to get it properly through the cycle, but we'll only know once you give us more detail).

Also, what levels have the ammonia been rising and dropping to? How about the nitrates during this time? (Just to confirm, nitrites have been at 0 throughout this time?)

This will help us make a 'diagnosis' as to what's going on, and hopefully then we can help with suggestions.
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Re: Cycling test results #3

If you want to know your tank is cycled or not. Add 2ppm Ammonia and test the next day.