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Changing colours #1
HI all

When i purchased my 10 little goldfish they were all a multitude of colours ranging from jet black (blackie) to very pale yellow (custard), each fish was very distinctively marked making it easier to name and get to know personally on a one to one basis!

Noticed today that all fish that had black markings are now going complete orange making it damn hard to recognise, is this normal?

(custard is still pale yellow!)

My 10 year old nephew says i need to get out more!!!!!!!!


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Re: Changing colours #2
I get a similiar response from my daughter, lol

I did read somewhere that water chemistry can alter the colour of goldfish, that all i can say.

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Re: Changing colours #3
Yes it is normal for fish to have black markings that completely disappear as they grow and mature, is custard a yellow goldfish by any chance as that maybe the reason he is the same as he was.