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Caudopunk African Cichlid Babies #1
Hello Everyone,

New to the forum. I've been keeping Lake Tang Cichlids for a couple of years now and they've only just gone and started reproducing! I have 5 babies that I'd like to give away if anyone is keen on starting a community.
These are really cool little fish with tons of personality. They're ideally suited to the harder water of London.
Please get in touch if you're interested as it's going to get pretty crowded in the tank soon if they grow much more. At the moment the largest is about 1.5cm and the smallest is about half that size.
Happy for these to go to a good home. If you had a small algae eater that you'd like to swop that would be an extra bonus!

Mitts x
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Re: Caudopunk African Cichlid Babies #2
Ooh I'd love some but nowhere to,put them
If you start another Tanganyikan tank and want some Neolamprologus multifasciatus just let me know ...
Welcome to FK