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Winter Prep #1
I've a stocked pond 4ft 6ins deep & am prepping it for winter.
Think I need to keep the filters & pumps going, but should divert the water directly into pond to stop it from cooling too much?

Should turn off the aeration system?

For the last few years have covered loosely in bubble wrap which has kept the worst of the snow, ice off it.

Wondering if I should store the Marshmarigolds etc in the geen house or leave them?

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Re: Winter Prep #2
I had a quick look through our pond stickies but we don't seem to have anything on winter prep. I've never kept a pond so I'm a little hazy on best practice for winter, however, there's a good post by koinut here which might give some tips


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Re: Winter Prep #3
Marsh marigolds should be ok left where they are, as a native plant I'm sure they can cope with winter weather.. Should die back and go dormant until the spring anyway.
Leave aeration on, could help prevent water surface freezing, and put something that will float on the surface so if it does freeze you can remove it so their is an air gap, you may need to break the ice but don't hit it as can shock the fish.

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Re: Winter Prep #4
The link suey2 listed pretty much says it all, but in summary.

Keep all filters running 24/7.

If pump fed you can raise pump off pond floor. (Couple of bricks work wonders)

Turn off / remove / by pass your UV (Ice can ruin it)

Turn off / remove any air pump / air stones. (Only used in summer)

Bubble wrap is good if mounted on a frame above the water. (keeps air in, cold out)

If you don't have bubble wrap, or you haven't done so already, put a net over the pond to stop the leaves from falling in. They will sit at the bottom and decompose.

Any decorative features (Fountains / water spouts) should be turned off.

The filter water return if its via a pipe can be lowered closer to the water.

If the water freezes, use boiling water to make a hole for gas exchange. Never hit the ice. (Remember old films with submarines and depth charges, well.........)

Feed the fish with love and care ONLY. Fish metabolism is determined by water temp. So as its cold the metabolism is very slow. If it gets warm for a few days, DON'T feed them. (other than love and kindness) they will eat the food but it will stay inside and rot.
Good quality costs. Bear this in mind before you start.

Sorry if my reply is NOT want you want to hear, but what I have said is true.

We can only go by what you type.

A "thank you" costs nothing, but goes a long way.