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Orlanda motionless #1
50l tank
2 small goldfish
2small orlandas
X1 of these has become motionless in one corner this morning and will not move to even eat, has been chased and picked on by other fish but this has stopped a few weeks back, other fish are staying away from this one! Don't know what the issue is.
Changed 25 percent of the water this morning but no improvement!
Worried this one may be on its way out :/
Help would be greatly appreciated! Thankyou
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Re: Orlanda motionless #2
Sorry no has replied to you yet, how is the fish today?
Is it one of the orandas or one of the normal goldfish? How big are they at the moment?
Have you taken any water readings? I have to point out that 50 litres isn't going to be big enough for them long term, standard goldies should reach approx 12" in length... And fancy goldies aren't that far behind them, but does depend on the level of spinal deformity. But to concentrate on the emergency for now, if you can provide a little more info it will help us find the problem, and give you a better solution.

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[url=] 'CLICK ME' - 'Fishless Cycling' information - how to prepare your new t...
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Re: Orlanda motionless #3
Oh dear

I?m sorry to have to post this, but that tank is just far too small for fancies ? hang onto your hat now, you may wish to sit down ? but you are looking at a minimum of at least 180 litres and a 3 foot tank to keep just two fancies long term min.

The 'single tail commons' are pond fish too, not suited to tanks at all. Given we are getting warmer temps now, do you know anyone with a pond that would take the commons?

The big immediate problem is that the tank water was not 'cycled? before the fish were added.

Once again, probably bum advice from some fish shop I?m sure. Happened to lots of us here, so don?t feel bad, many people have had this start in keeping fish tbh.

Although baby Fancies look tiny in shops, they should grow to up to 8 to 10 inches with lots of growth occurring in the first two years. Small tanks cause stunting, where the fish stops growing and gets long term skeletal issues. Often seen as ?big eye/ large body? and swimming/swim bladder issues thereafter.

Have a look here:

Goldfish sizes and tanks: ... -size-life-expectancy.htm

Cycling a new tank: ... hless-cycling-article.htm

Filters in fish tanks, need to build up enough bacteria first, before they can deal and break down with ammonia, the result of fish poop and fish excreting ammonia, which in turn becomes nitrite and then nitrate. Usually this means adding a liquid source of ammonia (faking the fish poop) for 4-6 weeks to build up the filter bacteria, before the tank is safe to add fish.

To begin with, when a tank is first set up, all tap water needs to be treated to remove chlorine and chloramines. This is usual in tap water for human consumption, water companies add it, but it kills all the bacteria on contact that you need in the aquarium filter to deal with the fish waste.

The tank should have been fully cycled first, usually by adding a source of liquid ammonia to 2-4ppm each day, or topping up to 2-4ppm when it falls. This process takes about 4-6 weeks and during this time the filter becomes seeded with the bacteria you need to deal with the waste from fish which is toxic.

You might want to consider getting your own test kit so you don?t have to rely on the LFS too.

Means you can test whenever you need too. Most of us here use the API Freshwater Master Test Kit, you can buy this on Ebay for half the price (about ?20-25) as it costs up to double in the local shops. Gives you hundreds of tests so well worth the initial investment.

See here: ... _sacat=See-All-Categories
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