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Goldfish deteriorating but cant pinpoint problem online #1
Hello, I have a 120L tank with 3 goldfish in it and 2 loaches

I have recently been told that my current water tester strips have expired but i was relying on these and so after false readings the water quality dropped a lot

All three fish were at the bottom of the tank (2 still seem to spend a lot of time down there)

It is the third that is the problem, it is
*bent round upon itself
*fins are very badly damaged
* will eat small bits of peas and defrosted worms
* seemed to be breathing fine but now gasping for air
* sunk to bottom of tank, face down, spurt of energy every now and then

my problem is the many diffrent opinions and treatments people are saying

* one person said finrot so have been treating for that
*a website said swimbladder so am treating for that on the alternative days for finrot (person in pet store said i could do this, whether he's right or not...)
* have tried feeding peas and worms (though didnt starve for 3 days
* ammonia/nitrate posioning cropped up a lot, however in the past week i have done 20% water changes every day, cleaned the gravel twice and the filter (interpet with carbon removed for now) and still the fish act as if they are in bad water

i use tapsafe when water changeing and have no problems with the tap water in the past though i understand that could have changed

also am aerating the water a lot and tank is warmer, originally put ammonia/nitrate removing liquid in and old test strips say that chlorine is fine, with no ammonia, nitrates and ph is fine

maybe i have got rid of the problem, maybe it is multiple problems combined, but there seems to be many similar causes and i need to know an answer i can stick with to try and help this fish swim normally (short of sticking it in the freezer out of kindness)

any help would be greatly appreciated

many thanks
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Re: Goldfish deteriorating but cant pinpoint problem online #2
It's quite likely that you have ingoing water quality problems as you have too may fish for the size of tank and the filter/water volume may not be enough to cope. Test strips are not very reliable at the best of times and if also out of date they may not have been showing the true situation.

The symptoms all sound to be related to poor conditions to be honest - fin rot typically starts because the water conditions are bad, and the fish curving round into a C shape is a very bad sign that develops after long term exposure to toxins.

You need to get a decent test kit and test the water asap. Get a liquid base d kit that covers ammonia, nitrite nitrate and pH. Don't get test strips as they really are a waste of money in this situation. This kit is one a lot of us use. In the meantime change 50% of the water every day, using a good dechlorinator on the fresh water and matching the temperature to avoid shocking the fish.

What kind of loaches do you have? Most are not suitable for cold water tanks, and given you are very overstocked it would be best to rehome them. You also need to consider whether you can upgrade your tank as 3 fancy goldfish need about 240 litres just for them. If they are not fancy goldfish but common types them they really need to be rehomed to a pond when the weather warms up as they aren't suitable for long term tank life.