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Fish dying off quickly - advice needed! #1
I have a 4ft tropical planted 220L tank that's mature and been running for about 18 months now. 9 days ago I added 5 Odessa Barbs which looked fine & healthy and noticed the following morning that 3 had died suddenly. Since then my fish stock in the tank are gradually being wiped out. Have lost about 15 fish so far and its depressing just to see them dying off one by one having built it up over 12+ months. So far lost, some rainbows, many tetras and all but one of my gouramis.
Symptoms seem to differ. Some experience rapid fin rot & loss and die, some have symptons where tail starts going white and then spreads rapidly across body and die whilst some have seen no symptoms at all and just die suddenly without any warning.
All water tests are OK (ammonia zero, nitrite zero, nitrates just between 5-10). I have performed 50% water changes and dosed with anti-bacterial and anti fungus treatment but they are still dying. Out of the 35 fish or so I had I'm down to about 19 now and one diamond tetra is now showing symptoms of white bacterial infection.
I am guessing I have introduced some sort of bacterial infection but it appears to be a very nasty one. Can anybody offer any more advice on what I should do or any other treatment I can try? I have been using interpet treatments and have just ordered some esha 2000 which I'm waiting to be delivered.
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Re: Fish dying off quickly - advice needed! #2
I was so sorry to read your post. I'm afraid that I can't give you any practical advice. My daughter (Little Splash) has just had her male Guppy group destroyed from a very healthy six, to one lone survivor, all in a space of about 48 hours. Some of your symptoms sounded very similar to ours especially (especially the high speed tail/fin rot) I noticed that you had introduced new fish about 9 days ago. So had we!

I was treating with Melafix without any success. I have done a PWC today and added carbon filter to remove the remainder of the meds. I too am waiting for delivery of Esha 2000 and also Esha Exit.

I do hope that someone will be able to give you suggestions on how to save your remaining fish. We're down to one but so far he seems to be hanging in there!

Good luck

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Re: Fish dying off quickly - advice needed! #3
I had a similar experience a couple of years ago, similar sized tank, had taken my time to stock the tank when suddenly a disease swept through the tank, I had white spot, fin rot and some form of bacterial infection where you could see like blood red lines on the fish. Wiped out half my tank and as you say I was completed gutted by it to the point where I have only just fallen back in love again with my tank and started to restock.

I can't offer any practical advice accept to say the girls and guys around here kept me going. I also used ESHA 2000 (several days after being affected), cant say if that cured the disease or the disease had run its course but I had very few deaths after treating with ESHA

Hope you get it sorted
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Re: Fish dying off quickly - advice needed! #4
Hi parva

I'm so sorry for the losses you have experienced

It's a really hard pill to swallow I know but goes to show the importance of quarantine. Good linky here written by member Tetralinz: ... ishkeeping_quarantine.htm

Even after using QT, some problems still show up weeks or months later but it feels soul destroying watching what was a happy tank, suffer rapid losses. I note you don't mention pH or GH (this can cause death if inappropriate for some species but this would usually be a gradual waning). Given the speed of the deaths and the 'whiteness' you mention it does sound more bacterial.

Any chance of a pic?

So, to deal with. I'm a little concerned you have mixed meds at the mo. The only two brands/types that can be mixed without causing any toxicity AFAIK are Pimafix/Melafix and Esha Exit/Esha 2000. If it were me, I'd run carbon now whilst the Esha is in transit. 48 hours later remove the carbon, undertake a water water and then start a course of Esha, which should have arrived by then.

Also do you have an airstone? Venturi on the tank? If so turn it up to mak flow. All meds generally deplete O2 in water and won't be assisting fish who are already compromised.

Fins crossed for you all and fire back if you have any questions.
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Re: Fish dying off quickly - advice needed! #5
Thanks to everyone for the help and advice and the link to the article about quarantining. Although I have not had problems adding fish in the past, this experience has taught me 2 things ... 1. Stick to a regular trusted supplier and don't be tempted to buy fish elsewhere which is what I did here ... 2. Quarantine to be as sure as you can be that you won't introduce any nasties.

As for its going, I think things have stabalised now and have about 15 fish left of the 40+ I did have. Did another water change and added a course of Esha 2000. Since then not had another fish die on me for about 4 days so fingers crossed that things may have calmed down.