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nano planted aquarium #1
Hi All

It's been a while!

I'm getting on great with my 55 gallon Amazon set up, and am now thinking of putting my wee teeny tiny tank into use now that I have discovered the joys of CO2 growth.

What should I know before starting? My initial thoughts are as follows:

Eco complete substrate (deep)
Home brewed CO2 system
Plant friendly light tube

But I'd love to know if there's any specific issues with this mini ecosystem, if there are any particularly good plants and if there are actually any fish that will be happy in a teeny tank?

I am not sure exact size of tank - around one foot cubed.

Thanks, C
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Re: nano planted aquarium #2
Your tank should be about 27 litres if my maths is correct A bit small for most fish to be honest, but would make a perfect shrimp tank! The main thing to consider with smaller tanks is that water parameters can vary much more and more care is needed to keep everything stable as smaller volumes of water are less forgiving.

You don't say how powerful your light is, but you should be able to grow most plants in a tank that side especially with CO2 injection. You could also consider a liquid carbon instead of homemade yeast CO2 or you can get mini gas systems as well.

Plant wise it's down to personal preference, but choosing smaller leafed plants will help give a sense of scale e.g. Hemianthus callItrichoides, Anubis nana bonsai, Elocharis acicularis, Pogostemon helferi, Staurogyne rubensis, smaller crypts, etc.

I want a shrimp tank now!!!
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Re: nano planted aquarium #3
Hi Suilaire, long time no see. How are you, hope all is well.

As for Substrate I would save some money and buy John Innes No2 compost, it works just as well.

The Fluval Pressurised CO2 kits are supposed to be good in Nano tanks although not used them myself.

Good luck with it.
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