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Snail advice. #1
Have a 15l tank which I'm still deliberating about. I might just keep it as a snail tank.

The tank stays at around 22c but my house gets very cold in winter and due to the small amount of water I presume I would need a heater to keep it stable.

I like the look of Zebra Nerites and have read that they won't breed successfully in freshwater which is good so I won't have to control the population.
What snails are suitable to keep together? It would be nice to have a couple or more species if possible.
I have a fine gravel substrate and stones with java moss and could replant some java fern from my other tank if necessary, what else would snails like in a tank.
The tank does not have a lid due to the light, would they escape?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Snail advice. #2
There are a number of Nerites who are very pretty (zebra, bumblebee etc) but I too would be concerned if there is no lid and no way to keep such a small volume of water temp stable. They are escape artists and even with my Juwel lid, I found the cat batting one around the kitchen floor one night after it had dared to escape through one of the filter pipe cut outs (he was repatriated and survived although I'm sure he had a headache).

TBH, that tank doesn't really sound ideal for livestock
Herbs perhaps? Some here use their first tanks for growing herbs which is nice and feels better than taking it to the skip.
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