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Shrimp and Skin often? #1
well ive had my shrimp for a week now. This is my frst experance keeping them

Havnt really seen them much and only ever counted 3 at a time not sure if theyve survived as i got them online and delived (from aqua essentails)

I have seen a shell or skin (not sure what to call it) it was either that or a dead one.. but it was green?? does that sound right?

They are red cherry shrimp ,although seem to change from red to very clear depending on what they are doing - they seem to be very timid and stay completly still when the lghts are on - is this normal?

how often should i expect them to shed ther skins? they are roughly half an inch in size at the moment.

should purchase some shrimp liabeled food for them? at the moment they are livng off little bits of pleco wafers

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Re: Shrimp and Skin often? #2
How many are you keeping? Can you post the reading for ammonia/nitrite/nitrate?

Is your tank densely planted or provide plenty of hiding place?

Shrimps are really good at hiding and once they decide to not show up, you'll have a big problem trying to spot them.

They shed about once every week or 2. My shrimps just molt yesterday but... green? It's your light effect or something is seriously wrong.

It's also normal, they not tend to swim around much. But if you have a big number, you will always see them moving around.

For food, pleco wafers is fine. I mean everything is fine (as long as it doesn't contain copper). Fruits and veggies could also work
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Re: Shrimp and Skin often? #3
They shead there exoskeleton (i think that's the word)
As they grow, if any did passaway, you could tell the difference, between dead and shred skin, plus any fish would eat the dead shrimp more than likley,as for how often,it would depend how much they are eating, I have 15 in my 35ltr I bet I only ever see 4 at anyone time,
I am sure they are all there,

As for staying still, not sure on this they could just be eating, or still just getting used to the tank,

The green could be light distortion, or pre being introduced to your tank,
See what the next ones are like,
Or post a pic and see how green they are,

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Re: Shrimp and Skin often? #4
Depends on the age of the shrimp as to how often they shed. I have some baby ones who seem to shed every week. Shells are clear and do look scarily like a dead shrimp apart from the colour. Dead shrimp tend to be pink.

They sound very stressed. Do they have any cover to retreat to? If not then I would suggest getting some java moss. In my experience a completely still shrimp is a very bad sign. They should be almost constantly grazing.
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Re: Shrimp and Skin often? #5
I have Spotted another sheded exoskeleton (thanks critch for the termaanolgy!) and its was more white than clear this time.

Ive lost the green one as it was in my danio tank which has a stronger current - which prehaps could be another reason the shrmp are hiding?? do they prefer still water?

I didnt mean they were completly still and lifeless - when i do see them they are scavenging and always eatng or looking for food they can really move fast if they spook at a fish thou! they are even worred about my small pleco - being somewhat fearful i see why people just keep shrimp only tanks! But lets face it ive 1 pleco in one tank and 6 danios in the other.

Nathen - my water readings are all good - although my ph is on the high side i read that this might stop them breeding but otherws live a full life -its 7.6

Ammonia 0
Nitrte 0
Nitrate 20ppm (most days below 10)
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Re: Shrimp and Skin often? #6
AFAIK the original wild shrimp that cherries were selectively bred from were naturally a greenish colour. The green one you saw was probably just a genetic throwback to the natural coloration.