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Shrimp community size... #1
Currently have a 60l planted tank setup, with 5 platies and 4 guppies...

Tank is about 1 yr old, so finally added some cherry shrimp (which are awesome!), started out with 5 of them, but they have bred already, so have at least 5 (counted) shrimplets now too.

Based on the existing stocking of 9 fish, what sort of max shrimp population should I be looking at for the 60l?

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Re: Shrimp community size... #2
They seem to regulate themselves I think. Mine seem to get to the stage where I have tons then I gat a spate of fatalities.

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Re: Shrimp community size... #3
The fish will keep the population under control once they work out how yummy baby shrimp are. Shrimp have a very low bioload so unless you cant see the substrate anymore, I wouldn't worry.
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Re: Shrimp community size... #4
I was dropping off a gift for a friend the other week and out of the corner of my eye noticed their small aqurium (guessing around 60L or so) and the substrate looked like it was was the shrimp there must of been hundreds!! freaked me out and gave me the heebeejebees! lol