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D-D CO2 replacement cylinders #1

I am currently running a D-D CO2 system which uses 500/600g disposable bottles.

The D-D replacements cost approx ?20-?25 a time, which stacks up when you have to change every 5-6 weeks (estimate).

Can anyone with any knowledge of this system confirm that the following welding cylinders are a direct replacement:

Ebay CO2 Bottles

As you can see they are half the price.

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Re: D-D CO2 replacement cylinders #2
Have you tried one of these?

Resized Image

I am being serious, I have seen them being used for fish tank plants, you do need a regulator


Resized Image

@2kg of CO2 it will last a lot longer than what you have or are thinking of getting.
Good quality costs. Bear this in mind before you start.

Sorry if my reply is NOT want you want to hear, but what I have said is true.

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