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Selawesi Snails... #1
Hi there guys,
I've just bought a Selawesi Snail as I was looking for something slightly different and not too big as I only have a small tank and these snails just intrigued me.
I have woken up and cannot find it in my tank, does anybody know their much about their behaviour? I've read they're not too keen on bright lights. I bought very small Selawesi as I wanted to watch it grow in my tank.

Here's a pic

Going to purchase another one today to keep it company, I was just really interested to know of any behavioural patterns such as hiding at night and what's the best food for them...

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thanks :)
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Re: Selawesi Snails... #2
Tylomelania sp.

Really new snail to the aquarium trade and not much is know about them.

Beautiful large snail, very rare to find in the aquarium trade. Can be found in Differnent colours and grows to about 8cm in size. Very peaceful snail that will stay most of the time on substrate or tank glass, will not harm plants.

Water need to be of good quaility, hard (calcium is needed for the shell), warm (25C - 27C) and high Ph (7.2 - 8.5). Copper and salt will kill these snails.

Feed on a diet of algae, left over fish food, par-boiled vegetables and fruit.

These snails are not hermaphrodites and lays one egg.

Hers a link from PK about them:

Sulawesi snails