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Pond Electrical Help #1
As my pumps only come with 10m of cable as standard, the people who installed it before hand have run them underground and somewhere along the line there is a connector block.
Now im rebuilding the bodge of a pond this week and i am going to wire it up correct running a single piece of cable around the perimeter wall to a power box mounted on the pond wall.

What cable should i use i have been advised that
i use the 0.75mm' cable, obviously this will be the twin core + earth kind. (its about the size of whats used on extension cables) will these be sufficient enough to carry the main supply to the switch unit
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Re: Pond Electrical Help #2
The official answer is:

The size (cross sectional area) of a cable is determined by:

The amount of current that will flow through it.

The distance of the actual cable run.

In pond keeper terms the answer is:

The more / bigger stuff you put on the working end and the longer the run the bigger the cable that is required. 0.75mm is on the small side.

You should also be aware that any cable run outside will at some point be hit, be that by a spade fork whatever, that is why it must have mechanical protection.

If you just use "an extension lead" not only are these easy to damage but they are not designed for continual external use which means after a few seasons of rain, sun, wind, rain, snow, rain (We get a lot of rain) it will deteriorate and so become dangerous.

The best cable to use is steel wire armoured.

Resized Image

The above is steel wire armoured cable (Notice the steel under the outer sheath)

But panic not, you can buy a "kit" which is ready to install. Try your favorite search engine for "garden power supply"

What you actually do is up to you, but I would like to see you alive to post another day.

Remember, electricity has no prejudices, it kills any one.

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Re: Pond Electrical Help #3

Just to add further, you don't get second chances when electricity bites and mix that with water that is a conductor then you have a lethal combination !

Make sure you are competent with your electrics.

If you need any advise PM me and I will help with cable sizes, RCD's etc...