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African Dwarf Frog + Black spot treatment #1
I have an African dwarf frog in a tank with two mollies that have black spot and i was going to treat them with Tetra Parasite Guard the ingredients are:
Praziquantel, Diflubenzuron, Metronidazole, and Acriflavine
Will this hurt the frog?
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Re: African Dwarf Frog + Black spot treatment #2
Hi Kiwi, welcome to FK

I was just thinking you were an early Bird, but then I noticed you are over the pond. Hello USA

Black spot - not seen that phrase for a while. It?s a symptom of a parasitic fluke that presents itself in black spots on the fish body.

Black splodges and edges of fins can be related to ammonia burns too though. Rule that out first before treating with any meds ? what is the ammonia reading in the tank?

Do you have an accurate ID before you start with any meds?

A quick google shows that Tetra Parasite Guard removes external and internal parasites from tropical fish including ?protozoans, flukes, lice, anchor worms?. It?s not used much here in the UK I don?t think, as we have other more commonly found meds in shops that deal with parasites.

I can?t find any contra indications on the web for your treatment and frogs per se (amphibians are not mentioned at all) but your treatment certainly says it will kill all snails. Given these are usually the primary host, this would be expected.

Perhaps email/contact the manufacturer for clarity. Or better still, just house the frogs in another tank to be sure, whilst you treat. This is failsafe at least

After treatment, remember to undertake a largish pre treated water change and run carbon in the main tank filter for 48 hours to remove any residual meds, before the frogs go back in.
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