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Nano Forum - Closed to New Threads #1
I've taken the decision to temporarily prevent new threads being started in the Nano Marine section of this site.

At FK we always try to give advice that is for the welfare of the animals in your care. Sometimes this advice conflicts with advice from other sites and sometimes the advice doesn't fit in with what the poster wants to do with their aquarium.

Members from other forums have recently been using our site to criticise us for our advice and promote their sites as a better alternative. Until we have made a decision on the Nano section and to prevent any fallout with other sites I have closed it to new threads.

If you are looking for advice on Nano Marine keeping please use one of the linked sites below.
Re: Nano Forum - Closed to New Threads #2
The best sites to go for are those that are not owned or wholly sponsored by retail companies. All sites have advertising, it is the advertising that enables the site to exist but many are moderated and owned by the sponsors and they use the sites to push their own products and do not necessarily have the fish welfare at heart. On this site for instance the adverts are only visible to those who have not paid a subscription fee and all advice is totally unbiased as the site does not have to sell anybodies products. So be wary of advice given by websites that are heavily sponsored.