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Is my bubble tipped anemone ok? #1
Hi I recently got a anemone to into my kent marine bio reef along with 2 percula clowns and a blood shrimp, some hermit crabs and snails. The tanks specs are:
Heater chamber & Deltatherm Heater
Foam, Bio balls & Ceramic Media.
Weir Gate ?allows control of water level in skimmer chamber
Nano Skimmer- new 1000 litres/hr giving over 10 times tank circulation per hour plus a bonus Circulation Pump (completely FOC) of 2000 litres/hr giving an extra 21 times tank volume turnover, with magnetic mounting enables flexible installation.
1 x 36W Power Compact Daylight Lamp ? 10,000k Marine white lamp
1 x 36W Power compact Daylight Blue ? 50% 10,000k Marine white ? 50% Actinic Blue
6 x 1W Marine White LED?s 4 x 0.5 watt Marine Blue LED?s
Circulation1 x 1000 L/hr circulation pump (15W)
1 x 2000 L/hr Hi-Flow Wave maker pump (3W)
1x Skimmer pump (4W)
200W Heaterstat
I cycled it naturally, using live sand and live rock about 12Kg of LR.
When I place the anemone in seemed happy sitting on top of the rock and then started to move about, this wasn't a worry but after a while it has moved to be behind the LR under a bit of a overhang my the water inlet to the heater, pump etc, I'm just wondering if this is just it getting use to the tank or if there may be a issue,
My last readings which were done around midday today were
pH 8.2
Ammonia- 0ppm
Nitrite- 0ppm
Nitrate- 0.25ppm
SP- 30ppt
salinity 1.023
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, hopefully the pictures will attach ok (original position and place sitting not).

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Re: Is my bubble tipped anemone ok? #2
hi there,
sorry no-one has replied sooner, but im afraid to say anemones dont really make good tank inhabitants. they have very specific requirements, which cannot really be catered for in an aquarium. small newly setup tanks are the worst place to put an anemone, and as marine tanks take much longer to mature, beyond the initial cycling process, even 1-2 year old marine tanks can still be considered 'new'.
anemones can take months to starve and die, the zooanthellae (algae that like in the anemones tissues) usually die off first, leaving a whiteish looking animal, which is not likely to recover, especially if left where it is.
clowns do not need anemones, so please do not feel obliged to provide one. sadly, it very often results in a dead anemone.

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