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Winter's here #1
The temperature in my pond (10,000 litre - 4- 6 deep) is reading just 6 degrees now so I am going to stop feeding my goldfish and orf's, there is still alot of floating plants on the top as well as the oxygenating plants underwater.

My query is - how do I prepare my little darlings for their big sleep. I have a 24/7 15 gallon filter box which will stay on obviously and I know to pull the pump higher up the water from the bottom but some wise fisherman mentioned bubble wrap earlier in the forums. What do I do with it, wrap my filter box up with it and my pipes or lie it across my pond??

Any other water tips would be welcome too. Hoping as the water is coming out of two arms of the box then it won't freeze the pond.
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Re: Winter's here #2
There are two options for bubble wrap.

1)Lay it on the water surface.

2)Build a frame and attach bubble wrap to the frame.

Laid on the surface it can sink, particularly if a heavy object lands on it (Ball from next door)

If its on a frame you need to make a frame and put weights on it, if you don't its also known as a very big kite and in high winds it can get lifted off and blown down the garden.

You can also wrap your filter box in bubble wrap, but don't forget, if you can, put some UNDER the box.

If you do opt for bubble wrap, don't cover all the surface area, leave a big gap where the filter return is, so gas exchange can take place.

If you do get ice, NEVER hit it with a hammer, the shock waves can kill fish.

A few years ago it did get very cold, here have some ice.

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