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flatworm explosion #1
Hi all not been on for a while and all been well until now! i've had marine itch but seemed to cope with that ok new uv and garlic but then an explosion of flat worms and its not been going well. Tried everything u can think of and ended up using flatworm exit!!!!! got rid of them but in the meen time i've lost 2 fish, orange spotted bleny and my little yellow clown goby that got eaten this morning by the crabs! They can smell death! And then i saw the 1st new flat worm in my tank not seen 1 for over a week and there back! Has anyone any sugestions or help 4 me? Oh and 1 last question i seem 2 have a few worm like creatures they are yellow-ish and hide in the sand and rocks not very big and and have green root-like tenticles coming out. any ideas what they are? Cant find them on any idenifying sites. Thanks in advance 4 ant help u can give. In my tank (TL 550) i now have 1 of the following royal grammer, cleaner wrass, red fire fish, 2 cleaner shrimp 1 blood shrimp 1 orange star fish(had over a year now seems 2 do well) crabs and snails 2 leather corals a mouse ear coral and assorted mushrooms and the like, water quality excellent no probs there my tank is now over 3 yrs old!

Cheers Karen
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