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Tank size #1
I'm after a little help here, I have kept tropical fish for a while now but the gf has decided she would like us to get a marine tank. I have always wanted to get a marine tank myself but now she is onboard we have decided to go for it. The only trouble being realistically we dont have a lot of room for a tank. Im not after anything too fancy, only one maybe 2 fish and a bit of reef. What size tank would you guys recommend we could get at the smallest end of the scale. I have looked into the biorb (30l) marine conversion kit but not 100% about those. Any help would be much appricated
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Re: Tank size #2
Hi Nekrom, welcome to FK

I'd give the marine biorb a wide birth TBH. Have a scoot round some of the old posts on here but they are not the best home for fishies at all.

I'm a trops keeper but I do know that the Orca range is very popular with newbies to the salty world:

No doubt others will add their two penneth as they log on here
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Re: Tank size #3
I've not got a lot of space either but would advise to avoid the Biorb or Biube at all costs. I've a lovely little 10 gallon setup, the dimensions are 450mm x 300mm x 280mm, it's just a plain glass rectangle tank with rounded corners and a glass cover, i'm running a hang on filter with carbon, phos remover and filter floss, a hydor koralia nano 900 powerhead, 50w heater, 5.5kg of live rock with 18w 50/50 pl lighting. I've an Ocellaris Clownfish and a Royal Gramma and will be adding corals soon. Tank been running couple months but parameters are spot on and maintenance real easy and quick. Smaller tanks are harder to keep than larger ones but that doesn't make them hard, it just means things can go wrong quicker if you get lazy. You need any other info then just let me know.
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Re: Tank size #4
You could try a River Reef, they do them in 48Litre or 94Litre sizes, I have just set one up and I am very pleased with it. It comes with a filtration system,and heater. You will need to add sand, live rock, and a skimmer (nano size,maybe a V2) and of course made up water (RO with added salt).

I did mine for ?399.00 without any corals or fish, but pleased with the result,and for a first time venture into marines,not massively expensive.

Like you space is an issue for me,and money come to that. I opted for the larger 94Litre, but I have two 48Litres on the go for smaller freshwater fish and shrimp, and I am told these too can be used successfully,as smaller nano reef tanks.

Good luck,