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fry #1

just read aobut a guy who had a four goldfish and has had about 20 babies this year, ive got 10 goldfish and have just remebered that in the spring-summer time i cleaned the big filter out and on the sponge inside there was theses orange like very thin very small stripes, were they babies sucked up by the pump?


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Re: fry #2
doubt it as most goldies are brown for the first year, might be fungus? or sommat i dunno
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Re: fry #3
Hi chopper,

You usually knows when they spawn as there would be some frantic activities for a few hours and you should see eggs unless your pond is deep or very green. Once they hatch, they are unlikely to be all sucked up by the filter as they are natural survivors. Some will be dead, some will be eaten but you will notice some juveniles sooner or later. Those things you found in the filter are likely to be worms that feed on the gunk in the filter.
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Re: fry #4
sounds like fly larvae. but can't remember wot fly they are from. my filter was full of them aswell