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All hairy crabs = bad news??? #1
Just got my live rock and there is a hairy crab. Reading the forum most people banish them to the sump. My one looks green and has hairy legs

my question is are they always bad and why?

I have a marisys 240 currently so don't have sump

thanks in advance
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Re: All hairy crabs = bad news??? #2
yep, they are 'bad' but only because they can kill and eat the ornamental critters you choose to live in your tank. there are not many ornamental reef crabs that are 'safe' to keep with fish and corals, and even those can be a bit of a pest at times! so best to keep anything you didnt buy out of the main tank as much as possible. if you dont have anywhere to keep him safely, just take him to your lfs, they will usually keep them in one of their sump tanks. they are useful as clean up crew, but only if they are somewhere they cant get into the main tank.

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