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Online shopping #1
Can anyone recommend an online retailer for purchasing materials to start a marine tank? Or more importantly are there any that I should avoid?

I have just been through an awful sequence with one online retailer called Charterhouse who were reknowned for their good service but my first order has been a disaster and I have had to cancel the order and request a refund. I do not recommend them.

Specifically I am looking for items like Salt, Test kits, hydrometer, power heads, live sand. Pretty much the whole lot except for the rock and aquarium.
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Re: Online shopping #2
I usually use Coral Culture and STM for marine specific items. For powerheads try Aquacadabra on fleabay, they are very good normally. Don't waste your money on a hydrometer, they are rubbish, get a decent refractometer instead
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Re: Online shopping #3
Know nothing about the first two, but I've been using peter amos - aquadacabra for years now, only recently marine, but their service is fast and trustworthy