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Xenia Question #1
Hi guys,

I have a question about Xenia. I bought a lovely piece the other day and for the first week it was out fully. However then it started to close down and is now fully closed and has been for 4-5 days. I tested the water and my Ph was about 7.9 so I am slowly bringing this back up 8.2 / 8.4.

My question is - will this blip negatively affect the Xenia long term or will it back to its best once the Ph is re-aligned?

Just for reference, the other readings are:

Salinity 1.023
Ammonia 0
Nitgrite 0
Nitrate 20
Phosphate 0.5
Calcium 370


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Re: Xenia Question #2

xenia is a strange coral. some tanks just cant support it while others it thrives. i dont think people are really sure why either. your calcium is alittle low which may be why your ph may have dipped. do you have a mag and kh reading. you may have to get these to the correct levels first then increase your calcium and the PH should stabilize. not that mine has yet lol.


p.s dont raise your ph to quickly zenias hate rapid changes in ph.

p.s again lol your phosphate is quite high to which maybe affecting it. and your salinity is alittle bit low. i believe most people recommend on this site around 1.025-1.027.

correct all this slowly.