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Worried about my new clowns #1
I have had my tank a river-reef48 for over 3 weeks and ive taken my water samples down to the shop and they gave me an almost all clear (needed a 8.2 buffer) but they said i could take a couple of clowns, which i did. They ate live shrimps on the two days from saturday and since this morning they have been at the bottom of the tank side by side, their fins are still moving although they seem to be breathing faster, i checked my tanks PH and nitrates last night and they were fine? any ideas am i going to loose my fish (nemo and marlin). Or could they be mating or just taking a break?

Please help
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Re: Worried about my new clowns #2
doesnt sound good im affriad 3 weeks does sound a bit soon to be introducing fish could you post all of your perameters please (test results ammonia nitite nitrate etc)
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Re: Worried about my new clowns #3
Take them back to the shop , 3 weeks is far too soon .

The shop has acted completely irresponsibly. They are probably suffering ammonia poisoning and will likely die if you leave them in . The tank will nowhere near have cycled.

Take them back to the shop , if the shop is even half decent , they will hold them for you until the tank is ready. While you are in the shop , buy yourself some test kits , don't rely on them to test the water for you.

You cannot , CANNOT rush a marine tank.

Good luck.
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