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Tip for labelling plugs etc #1
I have seen quite a few photos with stickers/maskin tape etc with notes on which plug is for what etc...

I thought I would share my idea and it works for me :)

Get a 'tippex' pen and write with it on the plug (most are black so white tippex is great but you can get coloured tippex pens for the odd white plug!)

You can use this on tubing too for flow arrows etc, as long as its external of the tank you shouldnt get any contamination problems :)

I have also found the small coloured wire ties useful to trace certain tubing/wires ie blue one each end for left powerhead and blue for the other etc...

any useful other tips anyone have?
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Re: Tip for labelling plugs etc #2
you know ive never thought of tipex, i do have a lot of plugs stickered and they fall off from time to time, so theres a little job to add to my list of rainy day things to do!

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Re: Tip for labelling plugs etc #3
Great idea, my stickers never stay stuck. Now i'm going to go raid my house for tippex
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