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Lobsters and crabs #1

Was at my local pets at home today, and asked them about putting some of there small carbs and lobsters into my tank. I have got a tank of tetras mainly, a few guppies, all friendly fish. There advice was that "they will be fine" just asking the opinion of you guys in here, because I don't really trust there advice in the big pet stores.

cheers in advance.
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Re: Lobsters and crabs #2
your instincts are correct don't trust what they say as gospel always check up independently and yes its a no lobsters and craps of all types will catch and eat fish when able to usually at night when the fish are resting sleeping near the bottom of the tank
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Re: Lobsters and crabs #3
Also I looked into getting Red claw crabs for my tropical tank, and they actually require a brackish water setup not freshwater, there are a couple of freshwater species I believe but generally brackish is what will be required. Unlike fish the crabs can live in freshwater for a period of time. However it will severely shorten their lifespan my understanding is, and basically they need their own setup. This is on my to do list of future projects.

Pets at home .. * shakes head *
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