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cherry shrimp. #1
im currantly cycling my tank and was thinking of putting a few cherry shrimp in there,i am planning on keeping 10 cherry barbs when cycled and my tank is 62 shrimp need certain water conditions like fish do or are they easy to please?
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Re: cherry shrimp. #2
I don't know about cherry shrimp in particular, but some shrimp require a tight-fitting lid, as they're pretty good escape artists

Personally I think 10 Cherry Barbs is a bit optimistic in a 62ltr, too. I think 8 would be more realistic

EDIT/// Here's a wiki link:
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Re: cherry shrimp. #3
cherry shrimp should be fine in the same water as the cherry barbs, yep they are fairly easy to please. they will eat pretty much anything. they do like mosses and little plants to pick through tho. i have cherry shrimp in an open tank, they dont jump out.
i think 10 barbs would be fine, not much difference between 10 and 8 with cherry barb sized fish.

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Re: cherry shrimp. #4
Wondering if you bought any cherry shrimp??

I am torn between cherry shrimp and amano shrimp! I don't know which to get.