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Sterlets #1
HI All

Went to visit a few garden centres this week as i was off and wanted a nosey around and came across a fish which i think was called a sterlet(?) and thought wow, they were only about 3 inches long and I was totally blown out by them. The shape, colour, ridges on their skins and thought wow what atalking piece they would be with the neighbours. thankfully though resisted the temptation as the next day went another garden centre and they had them in with the big koi and they must hae been about 15 inches long and thought hell my little goldfish would pack up and leave home. But they were magnificent, (or am i easily impressed)!



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Re: Sterlets #2
Here read this: Apparently they are easy to keep and grow to about 40 cm so the ones you saw where almost fully grown
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Re: Sterlets #3
its a good job you didn't get one chopper, they can grow to 125 cm or 49", just imagine that in your pond.
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Re: Sterlets #4
There is someone in England that specialises in these and sturgeon, try a search based around british and sturgeon and you may find it. I had the address but cant find it, this chap also sells food for them at reasonable rates.
If you cant find it, ask on.
That's where I learnt of it, someone on there uses this chap for fish food.