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Mysterious algae eaters #1
Can someone tell me what this algae eater is and how big etc they'll get. I was sold a few a while back as ottocinclus, but they definitely aren't that. They were tiny at the time so i took the guys word, but they are now huge and getting quite territorial, even in my 100 gallon tank. I am thinking of getting them adopted by my LFS to be honest. They scare my other catfish

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Re: Mysterious algae eaters #2
i think its a siaimese algae eater and i think they grow to about 14 cm
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Re: Mysterious algae eaters #3
yep spot on, they arent generally aggressive fish, but they are active annd cant be quite boisterous to calmer fish, i got sold one in with my otos too.. i had to send him to live in a bigger tank at my freinds house although he was pretty 'freindly' he was a bit mental.

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Re: Mysterious algae eaters #4
Besmirching the good name of the SAE I see.

The Siamese algae eater is this fish.

A nice fish, with a social personality, and its not harm to much, bit big, flighty and quick, but they dont molest others.

The one pictured above by the OP is a chinese algae eater, this fish.

...and yes, its a royal pain in the backside in community, and possibly the most annoying fish sold by petshops as suitable for community aquaria. They chew goldfish, gouramis, angels , discus, they fight with sharks and loaches, they often terrorize small fish generally, and fight amongst themselves. A more available and more annoying fish there is not. Basically a choice for big tanks where the other fish are real buttkickers like big asian carp, cichlids, big dollars, kissing gourami etc. Hell in a moderate community tank.

Beyond being recommended to an uninitiate in a shop by some numpty sales assistant, I don't honestly know why anyone buys them,or ends up owning one, there are prettier fish with much better mood, and and much better algae consumers out there. The SAE in fact, is one of them. Amano shrimp, bristlenose plecs, ottocinclus, all far superior to this aggravating little beast. I suppose they are seen as do-abble with goldfish because they are temperature tolerant, but a slow witted goldfish with the usual motility issues and fat tempting backside is the last thing i'd put this sandpaper-mouthed little swine in with. Be like ringing the dinner bell for it.

I once saw one giving a green terror a hard time, and it kept biting, then darting back behind bogwood, you could see the very large GT going mental, if he could have caught it, he would have mashed it to a pulp. Seldom have I seen a cichlid so intent on wanting anything other than a rival male of the same species dead. Thats how annoying they are to other fish.
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Re: Mysterious algae eaters #5
I didn't think it was a SAE either, there is no stripe running the length of the body and throught he tail, like my SAE's. Plus the head dosen't look right either.
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Re: Mysterious algae eaters #6
Yeah, its the old CAE/SAE/flying fox mix up again, everyone does it, theres probably a post to the same effect on every forum on the net every few months. Amazing the trouble these three fish with similar names cause in ID and shop purchase.

For the record:
1) SAE - good, and social, have several in 30 gals plus with fish that doesnt panic when they see fast repositioning- their movement style will unnerve much smaller fish, though they are of no real harm. Decent algae eater as long as not allowed to pig out on flake. tropical.

2) CAE- just.... dont bother. Stroppy mean, slime sucking PITA. 40 gal plus as adults. Been there since the dawn of time to people who dont know what they need in an algae eater, the first fish recommended by a shop for goldfish setups, and the very last fish you would want.tempereate to tropical, really not fussy about temps.

3) Flying fox (as oppose to siamese flying fox -which is also another name for the SAE) again, troublesome fish, hates its own kind, except when breeding, and trust me , you won't know when that is, best kept on its own with unrelated fish that stay off the bottom. Terrible algae eater as it ages, it just doesnt bother. People probably buy them because they were looking for an SAE and got the ID wrong. 20 gal plus. tropical.

Basically the good one is the SAE look for the word siamese, or better yet , go off the latin name Epalzeorhynchus siamensis.
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Re: Mysterious algae eaters #7
Well your post has just answered my little question,
as to what was eating the betta that i got...

although it was labled as a siamese alge eater, it was eating the betta instead.

ta much.

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