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help needed on terrapins #1
hey there, i was wondering weather any one could give me any advice on terapins i have both red and yellow bellies, they seem to be having some trouble at 1st i thought he was trying to have a poo but then looked closer an looked real odd looked kind of like his testines prolapsing i think the word is i may be rong, im not sure if this is natural for turtles to do or something is rong, also there are eaing well ,basking and swimming fine if any one could help please wb thanx sarah
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Re: help needed on terrapins #2
Males do sometimes evert a hemipenile lobe and get it stuck, though it should not be out beyond a few minutes at most, and for females, outside of laying there should be nothing happening that could be construed as a prolapse that would be healthy.

Reptiles do get blockages and fungal infections of the vent, constipation leading to prolapse etc, and if its happening regularly a bit of a check up at the vet may be in order, anything remaining outside the vent for over an hour should be a matter of immediate concern and the animal taken to a vet asap for corrective reinsertion, soothing of inflammation and possible corrective surgery.

Post a pic if its happening only occassionally to see if its of concern, if its staying everted, be it anal tissue or a sexual organ, take it to the vet.

If you also mention the animals diet and average temperatures and whether a basking area is available or not it could point to problems that could cause occassional organ prolapses and eversions.
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