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20ltr snail tank #1
just got hold of a 20ltr tank for snail breeding for my puffs, few questions , will the do better cold water or trop or midway ?
depending on that answer im hoping to add a few fish to add a splash of colour aswell as having it planted

just realised i never put i intend to breed ramshorns
orca tl 550 ,18kg live rock
FILTRATION : v2 nano skimmer , carbon/rowaphos/purigen , poly filter , nano power head and korralia 1
CuC : 5 turbo`s , red legged hermies , STOCK : 1 safron goby/pistol shr
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Re: 20ltr snail tank #2
you might have better luck with tadpole snails, or some lymnaea, personally i have found they breed and grow faster than ramshorns.. room temp somewhere warm would be fine, but a heater to keep a constant temp wouldnt hurt either. also i would just keep it as a snail tank, i just have a load of elodea in mine, somethign for them to climb on, and i tend to leave the algae to grow for them to so cant relaly see in a lot of the time, only through the trails from where its been eaten! and not substrate either to make is easier to siphon up gunk.

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