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Hi all

where is all the rubbish coming from in my pond, re did pond a few weeks ago, new water but old plants and my 10 goldies, but i am having to clean the pump filter every day as it is getting blocked with green algae, rubbish etc etc, never had this problem with old pond and the blanket week is a problem even though ive teated the water its still there and growing on everything.


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The cause, new water for one, personally I save as much old water as possible, for future reference those 10ft circular paddling pools with the inflatable collars make excellent water storage tanks.
I all but drained my wildlife pond to catch some goldfish I did not want in there, I kept the water I pumped out and 2 days after refilling when all the stirred up mud had settled the pond was back in full swing.
However I think this year is a beauty for blanket weed.
Personally I question "treating" for blanket weed, even if you kill it, it then decays and surely releases the nutrients back into the water ready to feed the next bloom, I think the trick is to either remove the nutrients or lock them up in higher life forms, if I could only figure out how to do that in the fish pond I would be a happy bunny.
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I've pulled tons of it out of the pond today-I wonder why it's gone so crazy this year?
I tried using Algofin, but as you say Sean, it just returns again fed by it's predecessor!
It does seem to get starved once the Water Lilies start to cover the pond though, and I find that floating plants like Water Hyacinth and Water Chestnut keep it down a bit too.
I also have a filter pump(Titan) which copes with everything without getting blocked and never lets me down-it was well worth paying the extra for it
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