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Very strange behaviour #1
Hiyas guys.

All going well in my tank touch wood. No problems but wanted to see if anyone elses fish did this.

At night when i turn the day light off n put the tank blue leds on for the next xouple of hours 2 out of my 3 neo brevis go into one corner of the tank and begin flying up and down in a fairly odd n almost frantic fasion. They are not distressed n almost seem to be engaged in some sort of praying type ritual! (do i have religious fish!)

The fact that the 3rd brevis just stays in its shell leads me to beleive that it may be a different sex to the other two. Spike (the masked julie) doesnt get involved at all n just hangs in his cave area.

ANyone elses fish react to the moonlight in this odd way?/
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Re: Very strange behaviour #2
Sounds like a reaction to the sudden change in light, try having the moonlights come on before the main lights go off so the transition is more gentle.
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