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New set up - open to suggestions... #1
Hi folks

Have just bought a lovely new 55 gallon aquarium from Kent Cabinets (go on, look em up!), and now have a Juwel Rio 180 spare to do with as I wish... After thinking long and hard, I'd love to have a Tangy set up.

Am keen on the following species:

Neolamprologus leleupi (lemon cichlid?)
Neolamprologus brichardi (fairy cichlid?)
Julidochromis dickfeldi (Julie?)

Questions are... Are they compatible with each other? How many of each would comfortably live in an aquarium of this size? Will my banjo catfish and spotted talking catfish be suitable tankmates (thought they may appreciate the sand)? Would you bother with shoaling top dwellers?

I'd like to set it up with a wall of slates laying randomly on top of one another at the back, creating lots of different sized caves, and nothing in the foreground, so plenty of swimming space.

Does this all seem okay? Appart from a fantastic pair of Kribs, I have never ventured into the world of cichlids, so appreciate any help!

Thanks, Cristina
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Re: New set up - open to suggestions... #2
these three species are all rock dwellers, i'd say you could keep a maxium of 2 species in that tank if you get a rock pile at each end of the tank separated by sand substrate, you could then fit a colony of shell dwellers in the middle (there are a lot of people on here starting with shellies if you have a look around for other topics) and you could then go for an open water swimmer from tanganyika such as cyprichromis

personally i'd not add a spotted or a banjo cat to this system as the pH will be very high and the cichlids wont like to spawn properly with these predators around, which would be a big shame as yound cichlids are one of the best things other than general behaviour

or instead of shellies you could go for sand dweller cichlids like xenotilapia etc try the Lake tanganyika - juwel of the rift vally topic (videos) for more ideas on species
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