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waste control and turtles? #1
Hi i was looking in my fish chemical cupboard today and found a couple of bottles of nutrafin waste control, i was just wondering if i can use this in the turtles water to help with their waste lol . do you think it will harm them? =]
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Re: waste control and turtles? #2
hi there, that stuff is really use with fish who breathe the water, regular water changes will be the best option, as water quality isnt much of a concern ie Ammonia, nitrITE and nitrATE.


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Re: waste control and turtles? #3
Yeah they drink water as we do, and tapwater doesnt harm them, much better to just ditch out the water to ensure bacterial levels stay low. Totally different to fish, the chlorine and chloramines in tapwater actually kill many of the bugs that might start eating into a turtles eyes,skin, and carapace. Turtle tank getting filthy? Just ditch it out. Most of the time filters are completely useless for keeping turtle tanks clean, especially when they get older the filters youd need would be massively expensive. A filter in a turtle tank is mostly about retaining water oxygenation and circulation so it doesnt start to smell so quickly. Bacterial reduction of nitrite and ammonia for turtles is irrelevant, your primary consideration is to keep the levels of necrotising and decompositional bacteria low. Its much easier just to ditch water than to try and control it as you would for fish.

You could keep turtles in water thats filtered just as you would for fish, but why buy a big filter, spend the electricity, have to do the cleaning, and replacement filter inserts, when you can just ditch it out at less than 1p a pint?

Half of the waste reductors are more harmful to a turtle than the tapwater. Would you drink it? lol. Bit of a marketing ploy those products, theres no need for them.
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