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territorial advice pwease #1
So Brevis are coming saturday! (decided on them over occies today, temprement issues won!) and i am a little stuck as to what i should do re the tank. It was set up for multies so was packed with escargot shells. Now that brevis are gonna be there instead i know i dont need as many shells, also i have odered some bigger shells today plus getting a couple on saturday with the fish too.

So i know i should take some of the escargot shells out. Thought id leave a few in for them to poke around in and maybe for fry, and then put the bigger shells in. Also gonna add a wee bit more coral sand as i know they like to dig a bit more than multies.

Now.... as for my question, Spike (the julie) has set himself up home right in the middle of the tank! My fault i spose for setting one of three caves up there but still. So he is well happy. My question is am i righ to assume that making two seperate territories either side of the central cave would be ok for the brevis? Should i also seperate the terriotories by a rock barricade so the middle of the tank is spikes and either flank is the brevis?

Would this work or am i looking at a war? looking at the original picture any suggestions as to best way to move things round or is my brevis flanks idea a goer? ideally spike would have set up camp down one end so brevis could have the other! Of course my fish wants the middle!

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Re: territorial advice pwease #2
to me it looks like you have 3 main clumps of shells, one on right, 2 seperate clumps on left

i'd personally take the middle one and the right side one (looking at the tank front on) out and lift the piece of slate under the left clump so they have sand and then see how that looks
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