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When is the best time to... #1
HI all

I have decided to dig a new pond as my original one is great but a tad small (only 16 inches deep). Looked through numerous books as to when is the best time to start so as to get the best of everything but not one book advises on the best time to do it. So its over to the fish guys, March April????????????
I am leaving the origiinal one in place until new one is dug as i need to put the new pond excavated soil in to that hole along with turf.

Any help advice guidance would be as always greatly appreciated guys.



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Re: When is the best time to... #2
Best time to dig a pond is when the soil is not soaking wet, frozen or baked hard,its pouring with rain or blistering hot unless of course you are paying some one else to do it or using a jcb

Once dug and lined you can fill it, dont lay any paving/surround using a mortar mix if its going to freeze that night other wise it will not set the paving. The fish/plant season usually runs from Mid-Marchish to Septemberish depending on the weather. Your not going to buy a pot of dirt on the assumption it will grow so most retailers dont sell plants outside of this window.
I spose if fish are kept outside for retail then you could stock during the winter (lakes are usually stocked oct/march due to better oxygen levels less stress etc but for a pond I would leave it till its warmed up a bit, especially if the fish are sold from an indoors tank/vat.
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Re: When is the best time to... #3
id say u can dig it now so its ready for spring, but seans your man for pond construction
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Re: When is the best time to... #4
I too would dig now providing the ground wont collapse. You may have to buy or use a existing pump to pump the site dry when you want to work in it. A solids handling pond pump should shift the odd bit of dirty with out bother providing the screens are left in place and you dont have slate rubble in your soil. A hozelok titan is up to this, I know, but does need the odd strip and clean. I reacon a piece of slate got my 2 week old aquamax but Oase replaced the pump, nice people them Oase folks.
Lining it would be a problem but if you are below the water table which of course varies with the rainfall. You can however start you water maturing in something like a large paddling pool or 1 ton builders bags lined with plastic. I think my local B&Q still has 700gal+ paddling pools in the warehouse from last summer and at £69.99 they are a good buy. If you local B&Q has any in stock the may sell you one.
Builders bags cost £4 for the bag, I suppose about £3 for the plastic and guessing £4 for the wood for frame to hold the bag up, they hold about 130UK gal each. I had 6 bags on the go whilst digging and building my pond and raised the first years fry and plants in them.