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yellow water #1
I have a 200ltr set up with a mixture of plecs,cory's & some tetra's etc.The tank is not overstocked & the water readings are o.k.,ammonia-0,ph-7,nitrite-0 & nitrate about 25.
The 'problem' is that the water has a continuous yellow tinge.I know this is not a problem as such but is unsightly.Activated carbon removes the colour but i am afraid of this 'dumping'any impurities back into the water at some point.The filter[Tetratec ex 1200]is cleaned regularly[once a month] & i do two 20% water changes per week to keep the nitrate down.
I was wondering if anyone knows of anything i could use as an alternative to carbon to remove the colour.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Re: yellow water #2
if you are changing your carbon regularly it won't dump anything back
what is the source of the colour - bogwood? obviously the leachng is finite, but may take a long time, maybe if practicable you could take it out of tank and boil, that will get tannins out quicker??
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Re: yellow water #3
I have the same problem with yellow water because of bogwood. I only found out today that this is the cause of the problem - I thought it was algae. I'll go and put the kettle on