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Re: What is Live Rock? #41
just out of intrest. Ive just set up my Rio180 with 20k of LR, it was recommened about 18 but it was cheaper at ?200 per 20k :)

Its been in for just under a week now, (since sun, tis now thurs) how long ideally do i need to leave the LR to work its magic?
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Re: What is Live Rock? #42
There's no magic. Keep tested the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate and do water changes as usual or a little more often perhaps.

Once Ammonia and nitrite settle to zero and the PH is a stable 8.3 feed the tank some flakes or granuals for a few days as if you had a few invisible clowns in there and test the water again daily.

If the ammonia and nitrite do not rise and ph remains stable then you are ready to start stocking very, very slowly. You really cannot go too slowly with this.
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Re: What is Live Rock? #43
after reading this amazing thread for the second time in six months it takes me back to the time when i spent hours looking at 5kilo of live rock maturing in my tank for hours? like watching paint dry but better
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Re: What is Live Rock? #44
Nice thread. It's so cool to see your rock developing as the weeks go on