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Re: fish-in cycling or fish-less cycling? #11

craig_h wrote:
Thanks again for the help and the advice !
I have ordered the test kit you recommended FL and i also ordered a bottle of ammonia
I wont bother with any filter start and i will do it properly and be patient.
My aquarium is only 39 L and i am wondering about what fish to stock when i get my water right.
What fish would be good for me to start with ?
Thanks Craig

39L is really on the small side, the advisors here usually don't recomend anything less than 45L for a single betta (siamese fighting fish). 39L will severely limit any stock you could have :/ However you could get a larger tank at a fraction of the price on ebay or online if you shop around.
Try to get a large tank as this leaves more room for fish and increased margins with errors. FK recommends at least 60L for shoaling fish and 45L for a single betta.
Also which stock recommended will depend on your water type (pH, GH and Kh). You can get test kits for GH and KH or you could ask the water supplier.

Find out your water parameters first and then you can decide on what you would like that is compatible with your water and then you can look out a suitable size tank for the species you like most!
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Re: fish-in cycling or fish-less cycling? #12
Hi TK thanks for your reply !
Derbyshire is pretty sweet to be fair ! Theres so great aquatics shops around yes !
I bought my smaller tank with the hope it would fit well on my living room side but now i realise that i would of been alot better buying a larger tank !
Eventually once i learn abit more about fish keeping i would love a corner tank with some more impressive fish in it !
I understand i cant fill my small tank with and fish and lots of them also!
I will get my aquarium cycled then post my test results on here and ask you all for your thoughts on stocking.

Thanks Craig
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Re: fish-in cycling or fish-less cycling? #13
check out your messagers

im also in derbyshire and im happy to help you by phone or text messagers

just reply if you need help

your wellcome to come and see my 4 foot tank and could also give u a bit of media to help your tank cycle