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Re: Massive dilemma #11
Kittykat. I agree with the above and continue with the water changes. Just a thought: do you have another tank with a mature filter. If so you could consider 'stealing' part of a mature filter sponge and place in the new filter. Hey presto ready made mature new filter

I have a juwel tank and I've noticed that the gap between the two filter baskets has room for my spare filter's sponge (eheim aquaball). This means I don't have to keep a spare tank running all the time. Whenever I need a quarantine tank or hospital tank I simply add the aquaball filter sponge from my main tank to my spare tank.
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Re: Massive dilemma #12
Thanks for all the responses. I've done a 40%ish change tonight and will carry on for at least another week.
Daisy, he does it with ALL food not just peas, including flakes and pellets. Might they quartering the pellets incase he was on granules before.
Sharknose, I don't have another tank right now. I'd sold my last set up and spare tank after splitting from oh and needing to downsize property (didn't happen due to being tied into laws etc), couldn't have cycled a corner unit and had space for my 3ft tank too :(
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Re: Massive dilemma #13
can't see him surviving in a pond in the state he's in right now over the freezing winter.

It's a tad too late to move him at this time of the year anyway. For pond moves you are looking at summer time so if he pulls through (FX), you may have him for a bit longer.

The daily water changes will help no end, promise
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Re: Massive dilemma #14
Thanks for all the help and advice. Rhod had started eating small amounts again but that and the bigger volume of water with regular changes just weren't enough, be passed away today.
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Re: Massive dilemma #15
Sorry to hear he didn't make it But well done for taking him on and trying to help him

I know I'm preaching the converted here but for anyone casually passing this thread ...

PLEASE do not contribute to the trade in giving live animals (yes, that's what goldfish are ) as prizes in any way, shape or form Don't try and win one because you feel sorry for them, don't try and win one as a cheap way of getting a nice fish, don't give in to your children etc. etc. If no one pays to have a go then the stall holders will soon be wondering why and looking to change the prizes on offer ...

If the lady in question was dead against her little boy winning one then I can only suggest she remains so and doesn't let him have a go in future
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