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Re: Advice on the start up of a Pearlscale tank #11
Violet - you must have been lucky with Plants Alive - I never have been!! I always buy from the Green Machine now - a bit pricey yes, but the plants are healthy and actually alive! And they've sent me some great plant specimens. Waiting on my next order from them actually!
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Re: Advice on the start up of a Pearlscale tank #12
Used plantsalive for some 4 years now. Orders placed 2-3 times a year to upgrade. Get rid of dying stock etc, always exceptional service and quality. Strange if you've had bad stock. Most here use them tbh.
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Re: Advice on the start up of a Pearlscale tank #13
I've had some great plants from plantsalive too over a lot of orders - I used the Green Machine once, nice guys and nice plants but TBH a little on the small side for the price IMO PA ones were huge! If you have a decent lfs which keeps its plants separate from the fish system then it's worth checking them out too. Mine has great plants on a separate system so I've got the best of both worlds If only the lovely Mr Greenline were still in business ...
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