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Small flat purple crab?? #1
Any ideas?

Received my batch of live rock on Friday and noticed a small purple-coloured crab hidden away. The rock's been in the tank for a day and a half and he's just started to explore. Saw him feed a few minutes ago - appears to have just one large claw and it's hairy(!) I guess his body is no more than half an inch long at the moment but what on earth is it?

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Re: Small flat purple crab?? #2
would remove it at your next opportunity, crablets are generally not a good thing in reef tanks, so id get it out now and find out what it is, beofre it does any damage.. just incase.

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Re: Small flat purple crab?? #3
to me crabs are a nightmare to identify unless you get a real clear picture of them? I have a few odd balls in my nano but can I get close enoguh to ID one. I am gestimating at the moment as to what they are. I would remove mine too if they get any bigger. Yes you have been advised right - crabs are little wotsits!! best to remove them at some point.