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Review - Water Conditioners and Dechlorinators #1
Thought this would be of some interest

* Note: Products where the second "Y" is in brackets are those which state that they remove chloramine, but in most cases contain only sodium thiosulfate (the same as standard dechlorinators for chlorine only). Usually, a higher dose is recommended for chloramines - this is to make sure the chlorine part is split from the chloramine and neutralised - however, this releases the ammonia part, so the chloramine is not fully dealt with. An example of the manufacturers' awareness of this, is shown by the fact that API recommend Ammo-Lock in conjunction with Stress Coat, if you need to deal with ammonia.

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Re: Review - Water Conditioners and Dechlorinators #2
The Tetra Aquasafe seems to be a good product Goldy, i have been using it a while now after your Tetra recommendations and haven't been disappointed with any of the products
and furthermore i think it's good value for money, the bottle i got was about £7.49 but it was double the amount of the Aquarian water conditioner i first got which was £4.99
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