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help! #1
can green spotted pufferfish be kept with territorial common clownfish?

The puffers are currently in a brackish system at 1.020sg and the clownfish are in a 100 gallon setup, they are breeding but the fry never survive as the filtration system sucks them away! Other fish were bullied so were removed- would the 2 puffers be ok as they are pretty tough?
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Re: help! #2
Hi Steve, welcome to Fk

I wouldn't risk it, I think the marine salinity might be a bit much for the puffers. And I wouldn't want to see the result of a fight between a clown and a puffer
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Re: help! #3
i just wouldnt risk it, they salinity is pretty close to full marine anyway, so wouldnt be that much of an issue, but i wouldnt want to risk either fish.. brackish fish dont do that well permanently in full sality even if they will tolerate it, they would be a ble to chosse to go bcak into fresher water if they wanted too, so i think i would be just as bad to keep brackish water fish in full salinity as it would be to keep them in freshwater. can be done, but long term health coud be an issue.

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