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Zebra Plec #1
during my travels on ebay I found this handsome chap looking for a new home, bit pricey but what do I know!
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dl ... 6795&item=4351083013&rd=1
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Re: Zebra Plec #2
They are beautiful fish and yes are quite pricy, but bids over £100 is a bit on the higher scale
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Re: Zebra Plec #3
Trimar have them for £125 plus the £10 delivery charge.

I would pay more and get the fish from a shop rather than via Ebay.

Ebay has its uses as that is where I got my tank but would err on the side of caution with the fish.

Nice fish but you would need to wait a while til your set up had some algae for him to eat.

I waited 2 months before I got my Plec.


All advice gratefully recieved